Estate Planning and Charitable Giving (Open to the Public)

Two Saturdays • 9:30 a.m.-11 a.m. • Shapiro ABCD

Instructor: Dung Vu, Financial Advisor, MML Investors Services, LLC

Coordinators: Hart Roussel, CSUF, Director, Planned Giving and Ellie Monroe, OLLI

Trusts and Estate Planning Basics
June 8
This workshop will focus on more advanced financial education and topics like insurance, wills, trusts, retirement investments, legacy/estate planning and reducing tax liability through philanthropic gifts to charity. Participants will gain an increased understanding of estate planning. Some attendees may request follow-up meetings or additional information on particular topics related to estate planning. Light refreshments will be provided.

Legacy and Charitable Estate Planning
June 15
Learn how legacy gifts can help secure improved living standards and reduced tax burdens in retirement. Learn how legacy planning may allow you to: 1. Pass on your values to future generations and protect family assets; 2. Define how you want to be remembered and the contributions you want to make to your family, your community or the world; 3. Control how your property is used after your passing rather than allowing state intestacy laws to determine who will inherit your estate; 4. Protect income, assets or family heirlooms for your spouse, partner, children, grandchildren or other designated beneficiaries; 5. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your property will be used to support a cause that is important to you; 6. Reduce taxes, when legacy planning is part of a comprehensive tax-saving strategy and estate plan; and 7. Gain peace of mind and a renewed purpose in life through legacy planning. Light refreshments will be provided.