Estate Planning and Charitable Giving (Open to the Public)

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Two Saturdays • April 21 and April 28 • 9:30 a.m.-11 a.m. • Shapiro ABCD

Instructor: Dung Vu, Financial Advisor, MML Investors Services, LLC
Coordinators: Hart Roussel, CSUF, Director, Planned Giving and Ellie Monroe, OLLI

April 21 - Trusts and Estate Planning Basics

This workshop will focus on more advanced financial education and topics like insurance, wills, trusts, retirement investments, legacy/estate planning, and reducing tax liability through philanthropic gifts to charity. Participants will gain an increased understanding of estate planning; some attendees may request follow-up meetings or additional information on particular topics related to estate planning. Light refreshments will be provided.

April 28 - Legacy and Charitable Estate Planning

Learn how legacy gifts can help secure improved living standards and reduced tax burdens in retirement. Learn how
legacy planning may allow you to: 1. Pass on your values to future generations and protect family assets; 2. Define how
you want to be remembered and the contributions you want to make to your family, your community or the world; 3.
Control how your property is used after your passing rather than allowing state intestacy laws to determine who will
inherit your estate; 4. Protect income, assets or family heirlooms for your spouse, partner, children, grandchildren or other
designated beneficiaries; 5. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your property will be used to support a cause that is
important to you; 6. Reduce taxes, when legacy planning is part of a comprehensive tax-saving strategy and estate plan;
and 7. Gain peace of mind and a renewed purpose in life through legacy planning. Light refreshments will be provided.