What’s Behind the News?

What's behind the news
Alternate Wednesdays • 10 a.m.-noon • Shapiro CD

January 16, 30 • February 13, 27 • March 13, 27

Through stimulating class discussion, tap the knowledge, expertise and experience of the informed and diverse OLLI membership. Go behind the headlines and TV sound bites to get a deeper understanding of events reshaping the world as well as the less-dramatic developments that can have a major impact on politics, the economy and society. What are the causative factors and what are the implications for peace, prosperity and social stability? Which policies are appropriate and effective in responding to these developments? Bring your questions and comments to this fast-paced, probing and sometimes passionate discussion of current events.

Coordinator : Stalky Lehman      Moderators : Stalky Lehman, Barbara Talento, Pat Duffie and Rich Eaton