Time: Does Anyone Really Know What It Is?

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Alternate Fridays • 10 a.m.-noon. • Room 9

September 20 • October 4, 18 • November 1, 15, (29 break) • December 6

People of all cultures and all ages have pondered the reality of time. As inquisitive, aging participants in this culture, OLLI members ponder their own time, the passage of time and the character of time. Here are some of the questions that we will consider: Do we have time, or does time have us? How might our personal view of time affect how we live out our days? How have philosophers, scientists and theologians of many religions grappled with the understanding of time? How does our understanding of time shape our perception of self and the world? Six sessions include: “Is time like pearls on a string or is it like a river?” philosophers talk about time; “Time is Divine,” Mayans, Krishna, Siva and Zoroastrians talk about time; “Time is stretchable, shrinkable and variable,” scientists talk about time; “Time is a big circle, little circle, eternal circle,” Buddhists, Hindus and Stoics talk about time; “Chronos, Kairo and the Day of the Lord,” Hebrew and Christian Scriptures talk about time; “What happens to God if time ends?” theologians talk about time.

Instructor/Coordinator: Ron Baesler