Presidential Elections




Every Friday • 12:30 p.m.-1:30 p.m. • Mackey Auditorium
Spring Semester: January (17 no class), 24, 31 • February 7, 14, (21 holiday), 28 • March 6, 13, 20, 27 • April (3 break), 10
Spring Intersession: April 17, 24 • May 1, 8

Note: This course is a regular CSUF course (POSC 210) offered to OLLI members through the CSUF-OLLI
Collaboration. OLLI members may attend on a space available basis.

This course brings the expertise of the Department of Political Science and invited guest speakers to bear on
the 2020 elections. The course is a lecture series with suggested readings so that interested students can think
about the current election as a political scientist does. The 2020 elections will have powerful implications for
policy, constitutional law, and the relationship between the government, citizens, economy and society.
Elections serve as the way citizens shape, however imperfectly, a nation’s direction, and help them understand
our political system. This course examines the primaries and upcoming presidential election, as well as the
polls, campaigns, debates, the Electoral College and what elections tell us about equality and who is
represented. Speakers also will expand our scope to the wider world with a look at meaningful elections in other countries. Finally, speakers will analyze some of the important outcomes of elections in the United States, particularly how the presidential election will reshape policy, the bureaucracy and the future of constitutional law

CSUF Coordinator: Professor Matthew Jarvis, Chair, Department of Political Science
OLLI Coordinator: Mike Stover