OLLI Diversity Program Event


Ideology and Political Communication: A Philosophical Perspective
Thursday, January 23 • 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. • Mackey Auditorium

It has become much more difficult in recent years to communicate constructively about politics in America,
especially across various ideological divides. Relying on some basic concepts in epistemology and the
philosophy of language, as well as empirical evidence from some recent studies, Dr. Andrew Howat will
facilitate a discussion of how and why political arguments break down. The goals of the session are: (1) to
arrive at a clear understanding of the nature and scope of the problems of political polarization and
argumentative breakdown, and (2) to think together about what solutions, if any, there might be. Audience
members will be invited to reflect on their experiences of constructive communication or persuasion across
ideological divides and the obstacles they have encountered in the process.

Speaker: Dr. Andrew Howat, Professor CSUF Philosophy Department

Coordinator: Janice Jeng and Jerry Hunter