Mastering Retirement: Six Surprising Steps to Achieve the Best Time of Your Life—Are You Ready? 

Alternate Thursdays • 2:15 p.m.-4 p.m. • Room 21

September 14, 28 • October 12, 26 • November 9, (23 break), 30

“Mastering Retirement” is a course designed to help you create a plan to make the retirement experience some of the best years of your life. We will discuss six essential skills for achieving retirement success. The course will show you how your life experience can be used to overcome obstacles, deal with unexpected change and lay the groundwork for a happy and healthy future. Each step will discuss important aspects of aging, building relationships, managing change and re-framing stressful events to your advantage. 

Instructors/Coordinators : Mary Ann Hamamura-Clark, William Clark and Mike Stover