Great Decisions   Colorful people encircling a globe

Alternate Fridays • 1:15 p.m.-3:15 p.m. • Pine 111

January 27 • February 10, 24 • March 10, 24 • April 14

The Foreign Policy Association booklet “Great Decisions 2017” will be used in this class. Topics for spring 2017 include: The Future of Europe, Conflict in the South China Sea, Saudi Arabia in Transition, and U.S. Foreign Policy and Petroleum Security and Insecurity in Today’s World. Each class will begin with a half-hour video followed by a roundtable discussion among class members. If you have an interest in foreign policy, please join our like-minded group. The “Great Decisions 2017” booklet costs about $25. Some are available from the coordinators and may also be ordered online.

Coordinators: Rich Eaton and Ed Batson