Great Decisions   Colorful people encircling a globe

Alternate Fridays • 1:15 p.m.-3:15 p.m. • Room 21

January 26 • February 9, 23 • March 9, 23 • April 13

The Foreign Policy Association “Great Decisions 2018” video and booklet will be used in this course. Topics for Spring 2018 include: The waning of Pax Americana, Russia’s foreign policy, China and America: the new geopolitical equation, and Media and foreign policy. Each class begins with a video followed by a round table discussion. If you have an interest in foreign policy, please join our like-minded group. Differing opinions are encouraged. Class members can order the “Great Decisions 2018” booklet online from the Foreign Policy Association; it is not required but is very useful and informative. Additional outside reading can also be helpful. Class members are often able to give additional reports on the topics covered.

Coordinators : Rich Eaton and Ed Batson