Fairy Tales You Might Read to Children, and Some You Definitely Will Not—Part VI 

Class has been cancelled.  

Alternate Thursdays • 12:30 p.m.-2 p.m. • Room 9

September 21* • October (5 no class), 19, (make-up class on 10/26 at 10 a.m.-noon) • November 2, 16 • December 7

Many fairy tales and folk tales have different versions; the version you heard, of course, is the only correct one. We will see how the versions changed reflecting the shifts in cultural values over time. Why are mothers and especially stepmothers often evil in some tales? Why is there so much sex? Why is there so much violence and cruelty? Many tales deal with subjects that are controversial, even today. We will also look at the nature of some of the authors/collectors of these tales. Illustrations of a number of tales will be shown and discussed. Discussion of the tales is encouraged but, of course, the instructor is always right. 

Instructor/Coordinator : Tony Bell