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Alternate Tuesdays • 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. • Mackey Auditorium

A wide variety of topics of interest to OLLI members and guests are presented by experts recruited and hosted by coordinators.

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January 16

 No class scheduled

The U.S. Healthcare System: How Pharmacy Benefit Managers Impact Prescription Drug Use

January 30

Speaker : Daniel Tomaszewski, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Administration, Chapman University

The U.S. healthcare system is complex and difficult for patients to understand and use appropriately. Part of the complexity of the system is created by the U.S. system of health insurance and prescription drug benefits. The class will review the overall health insurance system and how it may impact patients’ use of the healthcare system. In particular, the discussion will focus on prescription drug insurance and the many tools used by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to impact prescription drug use.

Coordinator : Janice Jeng

Click here for Professor Tomaszewski's presentation slides. PDF File

Click here for the video of Professor Tomaszewski's presentation

Negative Mood Regulation and the Psychology of Japan

February 13

Speaker : Jack Mearns, Professor of Psychology, Coordinator, M.S. Program in Clinical Psychology, CSUF

Dr. Mearns’ research focuses on how people deal with the negative moods they experience. In recent years, he has become more interested in cultural factors related to mood regulation, with particular focus on Japan. This led him to participate in a Fulbright grant at the University of Tokyo. The purpose of his visit was to examine more deeply Japanese people’s beliefs about their ability to regulate their negative moods, as well as the applicability of Western clinical psychology theories and techniques to Japanese mental health practice. His experience led him into a deeper exploration of Japanese psychology, more broadly, including the difference between being versus doing.

Coordinator: Janice Jeng

Click here for the video of Professor Mearns' presentation

The Importance of Black History for Everyone: A Personal Perspective

February 27

Speakers : Jerry Hunter, Chancellor Emeritus, North Orange County Community College District

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, OLLI member, and African-American, Jerry Hunter came to California in 1963 and lived with a white family in Santa Barbara. Integrating his personal experiences, he will facilitate an interactive discussion on the importance of Black History which will include the role of African Americans in U.S. history, the impact of Black History on the multidimensional approach to history, and the lingering effect of Black History on current events such as Black Lives Matter and the removal of Confederate monuments.

Coordinator: Janice Jeng

Everyday Invasions of Privacy in the Digital Era

March 13

Speakers : Jason Shepard, Chair, Department of Communications, CSUF

Our daily lives have been transformed by digital communications, but we often don’t know or understand how our digital footprints are ripe for corporations, governments and hackers to access, archive and act on for a multitude of both legal and illicit reasons. This lecture examines the ways in which the digital era has invited unprecedented invasions of privacy from everyday life, and what, if anything, might be done to minimize them. Dr. Shepard’s research examines the role of the First Amendment in American democracy, journalism and culture.

Coordinator : Janice Jeng

March 27

Spring Break—No Class

University Sustainability & Resiliency, “Sustainability You Can See”

April 3

Speakers : Tamara Wallace, Sustainability Analyst Facilities Management, Division of Administration & Finance, CSUF

Cal State Fullerton has been initiating and implementing sustainability practices into university academia, campus planning, and building operations for the past decade. Water conservation, energy efficiency, responsible waste management strategies, and other initiatives have been at the forefront of Facilities Management practices and policies. This presentation will focus on recent projects and future sustainability goals of the CSU Chancellor’s Office and our university.

Coordinator : Janice Jeng