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Alternate Tuesdays • 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. • Mackey Auditorium

A wide variety of topics of interest to OLLI members and guests are presented by experts recruited and hosted by coordinators.



What is Islam? Who are Muslims?

September 12

Speaker : Jamaal Zaheen, Outreach Coordinator at the Islamic Institute of Orange County

Sharia? The hijab? Modesty? Mecca? Praying five times a day? We live in a time when the lens is really blurred as it relates to Islam and Muslims. Ignorance has led to the rise of Islamophobia and discrimination and marginalization of Muslims. Many people don’t know that Muslims constitute about 25 percent of the world’s population. The fastest growing religion in the world is Islam yet it’s the most misunderstood religion in the world. Join us as we learn about Islam and break down the misconceptions that people have.

Click here to watch the video of the presentation on "What is Islam? Who are Muslims?"  Opens in new window

See the follow up presentation on October 17th. (The description is below.)

Coordinator : Fritz von Coelln

Renewing America’s Math Story

September 26

Speaker : Martin Bonsangue, Professor of Mathematics, CSUF

In a previous presentation we discussed America’s Math Story: where we came from, where we are, and where we could be. Today we will look at the mathematics itself and how each person, child or adult can learn to be mathematically powerful. One warning, though—we’re all going to do some math today!

Coordinator : Jim Monroe 


Tales of a Great University

This is one of the signature programs of OLLI’s Collaboration Program with the University. The focus is on CSUF programs, activities and challenges. Speakers will be encouraged to tell real-life stories that go beyond PowerPoint. Each class will introduce a different leader of one of the University’s eight colleges. President Garcia and her leadership team also will be invited to discuss University strategic plans, finances and enhancing student success. Other campus leaders may speak on the role of sports in education and campus facilities planning, including the Irvine satellite campus and the draft 2025 master development plan. By participating in this course, campus leaders also learn about OLLI and our contributions to the University.

College of Communications

October 10

Speaker:  Edward J. Fink, Interim Dean

Edward J. Fink, interim dean of the College of Communications, will share stories from the departments of Communications, Human Communication Studies, and Cinema and Television Arts. Fink joined CSUF in 1990 as a faculty member in communications and radio-TV-film (now cinema and television arts).

Click here to see a flyer for Dean Fink's presentation. PDF File

Coordinator: Janice Jeng

Special Q & A with Jamaal Zaheen

October 17

Speaker : Jamaal Zaheen, Outreach Coordinator at the Islamic Institute of Orange County

This presentation is not part of the Tales of a Great University series. This session is not in the Blue Book. It is a followup to the September 12 presentation on What is Islam? Who are Muslims?

Bring your questions to the special follow-up "Q & A" session on Tuesday, October 17th at 10 am in Mackey.  Jamaal Zaheen will respond to questions previously asked and then take further questions about Islam and Muslim culture.

Click here to see a flyer for this follow-up to the September 12th presentation. PDF File

We have two presentations on October 24th.

College of Engineering and Computer Science

October 24

Speaker:  Susamma "Susan" Barua, Interim Dean

Susan BaruaOpens in new window , interim dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, will talk about her college and the importance of mentoring female and underrepresented students in computer engineering. The professor of computer science joined the University in 1988.

Coordinator : Janice Jeng

Titan Dreamers Resource Center DACA Panel

Speakers: Henoc Preciado, Coordinator, Titan Dreamers Resource Center & CSUF "Dreamer" Students

Find out how what you see on the nightly news affects students here at CSUF.

Henoc Preciado will give a brief overview of the  The Titan Dreamers Resource Center  and the services it provides to CSUF students affected by DACA. Then you will hear from a panel of these students, who will share their personal stories, experiences and challenges in the face of changing legislation. 

College of Health and Human Development

November  7

Speaker:  Laurie Roades, Dean

Laurie RoadesOpens in new window , dean of the College of Health and Human Development, will discuss new directions in nursing, child and adolescent studies, kinesiology, counseling and more. Roades, who joined the University in 2016, is a licensed clinical psychologist, with research in gerontology and neuropsychology.

Coordinator : Janice Jeng

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

November 28

Speaker:  Marie Johnson, Dean

Marie JohnsonOpens in new window , dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, will enlighten listeners about the fragile planet and the value of training leaders in natural sciences and math. Johnson, whose research centers on environmental security, joined CSUF in 2016.

Coordinator : Janice Jeng