OLLI Socials
Olli Social

Two Thursdays • 3:15 p.m.-5 p.m • Shapiro ABCD

February 22 • March 22

OLLI Socials provide a party atmosphere for members to get together and have fun. This spring, OLLI will feature Mike Shelton’s “With Strings Attached Band.” Come dance, sing and listen to great music with your friends at OLLI. Free snacks and beverages will be prepared and served by Carole and Dennis Wilson. Setup and logistics will be performed by Kay Ressler, Dave Musante, Carole and Dennis. Come join your friends for a good time at OLLI Socials this spring.

*For Volunteer Recognition Social, please see separate entry.  

Coordinators : Kay Ressler, Dennis Wilson, Carole Wilson, Dave Musante and Ellie Monroe,  music coordinator.