OLLI Socials
Olli Social

Monthly Thursdays • 3:15 p.m.-5 p.m. • Shapiro ABCD

June 29* • July 13 • August 10

OLLI Socials provide a party atmosphere for members to get together and listen to great music by OLLI pianists Marvin Marsh, Don Ludwig and Brad Woodhull, with singer Sandra Kastle. You can also look forward to guest appearances by Pete Saputo’s Orange Empire Chorus Barbershop Quartet, Mike Shelton’s Strings Attached Band, Jack Wheatley’s dance recordings and a myriad of other guest performers including Jan Mendez, Esther Fieldhouse, Bill Large and a new jazz band led by Ellie Monroe. Snacks are prepared by Carole Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Sallie Kerpan, Karen Wilkins and Janet McNeill, while beverages are served by Dennis, Carole, Karen and Jerry Svoboda. Kay Ressler, Dennis, Jerry Svoboda, and Dave Musante are responsible for setup and making sure the beverages are iced to perfection. Come join your friends for a good time at OLLI Socials every month.

*Fourth of July Celebration and Veterans Recognition social, please see the separate entry listed under Events.

Coordinators: Kay Ressler, Dennis Wilson, Carole Wilson, Karen Wilkins and Dave Musante